Visa extension day, banking, then lunch and then shopping

All up, today’s run around was 42km but a lot more bearable than a run into Bangkok for visa extensions. The main reason is “no traffic” which is a blessing in itself. The O-A retirement visa has new health insurance caveats, so I exercised due diligence and visited the immigration office 2 weeks ago to confirm the policy was compliant. That visit took 30-minutes to get the all ok nod from immigration, so I paid the yearly premium. The renewal process today only took 15-minutes for the paperwork to get checked off, but they seemed to have concerns about the health insurance policy. That took another 30-minutes while the officer made some calls to get an all-clear signal from up high, or so it seemed. I would have thought that they had a list of the compliant Thai Insurance policies available to us. Still, I can only assume that they accept all international policies so long as they have the correct levels of coverage. It is all a bit of smoke and mirrors to me, but everything checked out, and I was out of there. As for the round trip today, lunch was good, and everything went smoothly.

K-Bank Sai 5
ธนาคารกสิกรไทย สาขาถนนพุทธมณฑล สาย 5 (ตลาดเสรี)

Rabbit Cafe Salaya

Nakhon Pathom Immigration

Big C
บิ๊กซี อ้อมใหญ่

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