Bangkok Bikerz – Getting the Vulcan back on the road and adding the Booster Plug

Well, my brother from another mother finally got his motor registration plate delivered, so it’s now time to get that beast back on the road. The Vulcan S 650 has a known performance issue with low rpm maneuvers like acceleration from the start or throttling up from low rpm. There are two ways people get around this: with some computer tweaks. One way is with a Power Commander kit + endless Dyno hours getting it right, or the other is by using the Booster Plug addon. The BoosterPlug is accepted worldwide as the best possible fuel injection tuning method – and will transform your motorcycle from ”OK” to ”Absolutely marvellous”. We also added a radiator guard because stones do have a habit of kicking up off the road and putting an expensive hole in the damn thing. All in all, just an hour’s work and we’re ready to rock and roll. As we’re off to Pattaya soon, we decide to drop into Chanya’s salon and get ourselves spruced up with a haircut!

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