Lunch at the Bamboo Curtain

Chanya has again found a great place to have lunch today called The Bamboo Curtain. What I found to be true to tradition here in Thailand is that the restaurant theme is just the same (almost) as another place we visited in February. Alas, that other place had commercial music playing so I didn’t shoot a video there. There are photos of the place in my flicker album but I won’t create a video to have some random music artist reap the minimal rewards we get from YouTube. This place, however, is much better catered and the air-conditioned huts really make a lunchtime meal so much more pleasurable. The menu here was great and the food was wonderful. If by chance you’re out this way, you should stop in for a meal!

ม่านไผ่ สายน้ำ
The Bamboo Curtain

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