Lunch at the Meadow then off to the MG dealership

There seems to be a perception that Thailand is a holiday town and everything mundane and routine gets done by magic or something. For us, we need to do all that running around ourselves and that usually takes a good part of Chanya’s day off. Those people who are in a Thai relationship know this and accept the fact that Thai get very little time off if they are working. We did manage to get out to lunch today but then we had to do the weekly shopping and then visit the local MG dealership. I got a car camera kit a few months back but as it involved running a cable to the power and to the rear camera, I really didn’t want to lift the trim to install it myself. The dealership had no issues putting that into the car and as it was done by them, it doesn’t affect the warranty. We also got them to change over the red plates while we were there.

The Meadow Cafe & Bistro

MG Top 3 Samphran

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