Nightlife in the Bangkok Suburbs

I’ve shot a few videos covering meetups and nightlife in the main part of Bangkok farangville (aka Sukhumvit) but Bangkok nightlife isn’t just the main city. We do have a number of clubs out west where we live so I called up Tim and asked if he wanted to join us. His wife Note was going to come along as well, but she got tied up at the office and couldn’t get away.

One thing most westerners won’t see is a comprehensive drinks selection at the suburban clubs. Each one we’ve been to so far has a small spirit selection with limited mixers, a few bottled beer choices but the main difference is that if you want spirits, you nearly always need to buy a bottle from the menu. This does make it difficult if you have people with different tastes for the choice of spirits.

The first place we went to, The Portrait, had a good band playing, but there was nearly no patronage. It wasn’t obvious why there was no one visiting as the place seemed quite nice except for the road noise.

We moved on after about 90 minutes there and walked up the road to our second stop called Barrain. This place had a good crowd and a good band playing too. The only real difference I could see was that this club was off the main Phetkasem road so the traffic noise was minimal. There was a great bunch of staff to attend to us and we really had a good time there.

The Portrait


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