Thursday , 25 April 2019

Our friend Min opens her Hair Salon

We start today’s adventure visiting the Wat Tam Mai temple to look for a gift for our friend Min. Chanya also wanted to make merit for good luck as well as this is a tradition under Buddhist philosophy. Alas, she didn’t find the perfect gift there, so we stop off at a small shop on the way to Min’s new salon.

Min had already had the monks bless her new house and shop before we arrived. We did arrive in time to share food with them which is also part of the blessing. Min loved the gift we picked out for her. We don’t make a big point in our videos about gender, but this is another new start business for one of our ladyboy friends and we wish her all the success she can get. She is quite shy in everyday life which is a sharp contrast to Chanya’s outgoing personality.

To finish the days outing, we stop back at Chai and Nan’s open-air barber shop out the front of Big C Om Yai where the gang is working hard. Chanya does take Wednesdays off which is a local tradition for hair salons. Alas, Chai and Nan have their shop in a very prominent position and they aren’t so lucky as they need to be open 7 days a week. if they didn’t, they will lose a lot of customers to the competition in their market location.

Wat Tha Mai

Big C On Yai

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