Some ideas to beat the Rat Race and Retire Early!

The idea of early retirement is usually put into the “too hard” basket for most people. Our modern society has been conditioned to believe the system will take care of you so long as you shut up and press the right buttons. The problem with this is it is a lie and no government can ever give their people a comfortable life after working their fingers to the bone. We are now encouraged to buy it on credit because you could be dead tomorrow and you might as well have it now. The problem here is that it only makes the rich people richer and creates a debt spiral most people can’t escape. If you want a comfortable early retirement, you need to do it differently from everyone else on the treadmill of life.

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  1. Great Video Mate, Very insightful wish i had done this earlier. I know you have touched base briefly on Private superfunds .Most people like myself wouldn’t have a clue just wondering if you could do a video on this about your experience .Thanks for the video always enjoy them
    Steve T

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