Thailand Life is not always perfect! Bills to pay – new house update – general repairs

Life in Thailand is not always rainbows and lollipops which some vloggers might have you believe. In some ways, that could also describe our channel content as well but the reality is somewhat different. The routine of life often gets in the way of the fun things but as you will see here, I’m sure we can handle the bad with the good.

It’s time to get Mothers old Fino motorcycle fixed up because the image is everything here in Thailand and we can’t have her running around on a junk machine. The new watch Chanya bought me for my birthday needs the strap sized and fitted as well. Then we take a run out to the new house build to see how things are progressing and to pay the monthly instalment. We then head to Wat Don Wai floating market to grab lunch and a few items before heading off to the supermarket to finish all the errands for the day.

Don Wai Floating Market

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