The Commart JOY Speed Computer Expo

Here we are back at the BiTec exhibition centre for another expo. This time it is a computer nerd’s dream world with all the bling and pretties any basement dweller could hope for.

I thought with the set and setting that it would be a good time to talk about all things computer as I do get asked a lot of questions on the channel about what might be best for those people choosing to live here. We all choose to live in Thailand for various reasons, but for me, simply doing the things I love was the main thing without having to answer to anyone. In my working life, I could barely set aside an hour each day for recreational computer stuff. It’s a lot different now where I can get lost in the matrix for 6-8 hours and not worry about what people think.

Anyway, I do pick up a few bargains here so the trip out this side of Bangkok was worthwhile so if you are in town when one of these expos is on, it might be something you’d like to check out and get kitted up with the bling tech gear on offer.

Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre

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