The Thailand Dating Game – Happy wife, happy life!

A big tip for westerners who want to have a long term relationship with a Thai girl or Ladyboy is to make sure you never stray from the path and go looking for a bit on the side. Thai girls and ladyboys are looking for faithfulness and security in their partner because Thai men are mostly unreliable in this department. The main problem westerners will have is actually finding a potential partner because online dating is a minefield of scams and heartbreak. How can a person know if someone they are chatting with online is really someone they want to spend the rest of their life with? In my opinion, you need to be in Thailand and play the old fashioned dating game where you wine and dine them and get to know them face to face. This is impossible with an app or online romancing and then you have the whole long-distance issue to deal with especially in these difficult travel restricted times. This is not to say that you can’t compile a list of potential partners for when you do manage to visit Thailand but you will need to wade through a lot of scammers so be warned.

Aoywaan Riverside Thai Cuisine

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