To enjoy life, don’t let the misfits get you down

It was a cloudy and overcast day today and we have a spot of rain early which was unusual for this time of year. It did clear the air somewhat as the air quality in Bangkok can get quite bad around February with al the crop burnoff. You can’t let little things like rain get you down and you shouldn’t let society misfits get you down either. If you do choose to live in Thailand, you really need to think about why you moved here in the first place. If you’re running away from something, those issues will more than likely follow you here. If you are living here, it’s best to avoid contact with the misfits as all they want to do is bring you down to their miserable level. They can have a pity party and invite all their degenerate friends along. I prefer to enjoy my life here and seek out the positive people who lift you up. Wednesday outings with my girl are the best days of the week in my book even is the weather isn’t favourable!

The Scene Cafe by The River

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