We buy the Note 8 at the Mobile Expo

Who’d have guessed that there would be 2 mobile phone expo’s in Bangkok this year. Just goes to show how popular these little bricks are in Thailand. Well, we’re off to buy the Samsung Note 8 and check out the pretty little sales girls – LoL

We visited this expo earlier this year where I bought Chanya her iPad Mini. It was quite busy on both occasions and definitely a place to pick up some bargains. As with the last visit, we didn’t find any dedicated Apple franchise distributors, but Samsung was very well represented. This is one of the reasons Samsung are leading the mobile market in the ASEAN nations because Apple is not at all open to discounting their limited product line.

If you’re in Bangkok when the expo is on, this is where it was held at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center on the last 2 occasions

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

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