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So now that the official mourning period is over. Thailand will start getting back to normal…… well….. normal for Thailand anyway.

Anyway, just a video with a few thoughts of the top of my head. Some thoughts about the channel and what’s coming up in our weekly video series. It can be a bit of a challenge to create videos that appeal to everyone all the time. I do my best to create a mix of videos cultural content, topical content, daily life content etc. The problem with a YouTube audience is that people find the channel through a computerised AI system. It offers up new content related to what you’ve been watching. New viewers come in at odd points in our timeline and can be challenged with catching up.

Our focus is to do our best to show our life, on a day-to-day basis, living in the suburbs of Bangkok. You need to ask yourself the question, how often do you leave your employment vocation and go travelling? Once a year, twice a year? As I’ve mentioned on various vlogs and in our YouTube comments, we live here and we are not a travel vlog, although we do get out and do some travelling. Sure, if we had 100k subscribers and 50k views per video, it would give us additional income to spend on travel, but I certainly won’t be stepping out of my budget to satisfy the wanderlust of an unknown audience.

We want to get to know the people who watch our daily lives. We want to meet the people who regularly interact with our channel and want to know more. This is who we share our lives with and every one of them enjoys our contribution on the topical points of interest happening in Thailand. I’ve now chosen to build a website blog to create a place where more people can get to know us outside YouTube.

There are plenty of social platforms that do a good job of building a community. We’re part of the main offering – facebook, google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and a few others. Having a central blog creates a single point of interest where every part of our social interaction can be consolidated for easy viewing, in chronological order, and categorised into topics that help our audience engage with the parts of our life that interest them.

Oh yeah, we’re back at Dalat World Market again for Sunday dinner.


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