Living Thai style in our Moo Barn

We’ve had many people ask us to show them around our village here on the western side of Bangkok. Today we take a ride around and show you life as a Thai living in a modern Thai village. Ove the last 8 years, we’ve lived in 3 of these villages, or Moo Barns as they are called in the Thai language. The first wasn’t anywhere near as busy as this one but was only about 200 meters from a market so quite convenient. The second one was called Moo Barn Phetkasem 2 which was quite populated, but nowhere near as commercial as this one.

Out of all 3, I do prefer the conveniences offered here and I’m sure if I looked hard enough, there might even be a Gym which would save me riding up the road 3 km to our nearest one. Besides, Gym’s aren’t all that much fun unless you have someone to hang out with and spur you along with your training exercise.

Of course, some people might ask why I would want to live in a populated village like this. For me it is quite simple, when I lived in Australia, houses were fairly separate from each other and in some respects, lonely. Everyone kept to themselves so you often felt separated from the social surrounding. Living here, I feel connected to the village and I purchase within the village which supports the livelihood of everyone living here.

Oh yea, and typical for this time of year, it rained again.

Moo 6 Nong Khaem

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