It’s time to get fit. 6 pack coming soon!

I’ve made a decision to get back to the Gym and get fit again. I’ve been on holiday for over a year now and it’s now time to get back in shape. Of course, I’m only using an analogy when I say I’ve been on holiday because if you have been following our adventures over the last 15 months, you’ll know that I’m retired. Therein lies the problem though, as for most of my life I’ve been active and taken generally good care of this carbon-based construct. Stress from my work life generally kept the weight down because that’s generally what stress does.

Now that I’ve settled into some sort of a routine, I am finding it difficult to manage the calorie intake. The food over here is so good, you are always tempted to eat. Not only that, the ambient temperature is higher, although that has never bothered me because I like the warm weather. On the downside of the climate situation, you do find yourself less inclined to take a short walk as 2 or 4 wheeled transport is so convenient.

Well, all things being equal, it is now time to take back the reins of this incarnation so that I can enjoy my retirement to a ripe old age. Over the next 5 months, you’ll be able to follow my progress as we look for that elusive 6 pack which was stolen 10 years ago.

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