199 Baht all you can eat buffet!

One thing you’ll learn when you live in Thailand is that FOOD comes first! What also surprises me is that you can get really filling meals from your local street eateries for 40 baht but the Thai’s flock to these buffets to eat and they are 5 times the price. The Yaang Noie buffet here has recently opened up and admittedly it is 40 baht cheaper than the competing buffet about 5km further up the main road, but I’m sure that isn’t the main reason it gets so busy. I did notice that the restaurant was participating in the special Thai privilege program which offers 150 Baht discount which most Thai’s have access to. Of course, that privilege application isn’t available to foreigner residents but I’m used to that. I have no doubt that we’ll be eating here regularly and that certainly won’t be helping my waistline!

ย่างเนย​ เพชรเกษม110

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