Let’s go to the Bangkok Motor Show!

I thought we could change the routine a bit and take you to the Bangkok Motor Show for 2020 instead of a local restaurant for our regular Wednesday jaunt. As with the last expo I went to earlier this year, the crowds were noticeably absent even though it was a Wednesday. I also felt that there was a noticeable increase in the price of the mainstream vehicles on display where I felt that there was about a 10% increase in price. That may just be model differences or they cracked down on the false advertising that was present on previous shows. I have mentioned that in the past where they display a top model and put the price sticker on the window for the base model. It is only when you sit down with the rep that you get a rude surprise when you select the options and find out the price has risen 20% yet the floor model had all those options on display for the sticker price. It certainly can be a bit of a surprise that’s for sure. Anyway, it was a fun day out and a change from the usual cafe bistro visits we do.

IMPACT Challenger
อิมแพ็ค ชาเลนเจอร์

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