Where do you meet the nice ladyboys?

I’ve been living here in Thailand for over 4 years now and I’m still being asked to provide matchmaking or introduction services for potential ladyboy relationships. Sorry, we can’t get involved with that as we have no idea what other people are looking for in a relationship no matter how genuine these people sound. Let’s face it, Thailand is currently closed to inbound visitors and will stay that way until mid-2021 which does mean people will need to explore the online dating scene for the foreseeable future. When Chanya and I met, the online dating thing really wasn’t a system that anyone could use reliably so we built out relationship the conventional ‘old school’ method. These techniques seem to have fallen into disuse over the last few years and this could also account for why so many people have bad luck in the dating game. There is no substitute for a person to person meeting in real life where every moment of that date can weigh in on the suitability vector. Anyway, we do discuss the issue while we’re out checking out this wonderful restaurant that also had some pet Kangaroo’s (wallabies actually, but Thai’s probably don’t understand the difference)

Say Hay Cafe & Cuisine

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