Wednesday , 11 December 2019

A water fountain for the Salon

The school holidays are now over and it’s time for the new year ahead. Adding a water fountain to the front of your business seems to be a common feature around our area. We had seen a few out at Sanam Luang 2 recently so we took a run back there to pick one up. Chanya has been giving me some insight into the way business runs around the calendar cycle. A typical Thai household puts all their spare cash into the Songkran celebration and once that is over, they are then scraping by to clothe their children for the next year of school. Now that those 2 events have passed, the women will once again be thinking of their appearance and splashing out on things that make them the star of the family so we need to prepare the salon for the new year ahead.

Thonburi Market
ตลาดธนบุรี สนามหลวง 2

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