Breakfast with Chanya and Wazza – 23/Oct/17

Thanks for joining us for our first Breakfast live broadcast. This is something we’re planning to do more often as it helps adds to the personal touch we are trying to achieve with our YouTube channel. There has been a lot of problems coming out of YouTube lately over their monetization or Adsense program. Even big players are getting hit with the demonetization function. I’ve been seeing it on my channel lately and although I’m only making pocket money out of the Adsense program, many people are losing their livelihood.

It doesn’t look like there will be much joy for creators in the short term, but it is one of the reasons I’ve decided to resurrect my old web domain and start my own Blog. At least here, I can speak my mind and build my own community of followers without ‘big brother’ looking over my shoulder. It also means I can use multiple platforms to engage my audience and still retain a central control.

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