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Out with Family at a local Seafood BBQ all-you-can-eat restaurant live boradcast

So tonight, Be, Chanya’s brother wanted to take us out to dinner. We’ve been to this all-you-can-eat restaurant a few times before and the food is great. I’ve posted a google map link below if you’re out this way. It works out at 229 Baht per person but alcohol is extra because you know how […]

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Breakfast with Chanya and Wazza – 26/Oct/17

Today is the Kings funeral and a soulful time for the Thai people. It looks like it is going to be a long day as we make our preparations to head out to the flower laying ceremony at Putthamonthon. Chanya had plans to go to Bangkok and Sanam Luang, but people have already been camping […]

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Breakfast with Chanya and Wazza – 23/Oct/17

Thanks for joining us for our first Breakfast live broadcast. This is something we’re planning to do more often as it helps adds to the personal touch we are trying to achieve with our YouTube channel. There has been a lot of problems coming out of YouTube lately over their monetization or Adsense program. Even […]

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