Chanya gets her booster shot

It’s another run around day getting the usual routine life stuff done today. Thailand is not all tourist travel and resort towns if you decide to live here. There are no magic fairies popping into your life to get the routine stuff done. It’s all something you’ll need to do and I’m sure many people who come to live here forget that kind of thing. Mind you, I enjoy doing it because it can be a lot of fun if you have a fun girlfriend who brings joy into every aspect of your life. As the title suggests, Chanya gets her booster shot today and I also find out that I can also get any future boosters done at this local hospital as well which will save a long trip into the city. We also take Chanya’s mom to the local dentist to get a filling. Then we head off to do some of our weekly shopping and take Todd along with us as he hasn’t got a car yet and it can be cumbersome to do that kind of stuff using taxis.

Ratchaphiphat Hospital

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