Why don’t we live in the City?

We missed our regular lunch data today because we had to take care of Chanya’s mom who had had a toothache for the last few days. After all the running around, we finally got out to the Mall at Central Salay for an early dinner. There is a lot of restaurants in this mall and surprisingly way too many Japanese style eateries and very few with traditional Thai food but we did find one after a bit of looking around. One of the things that come up in regular conversation with the channel followers is why we didn’t choose to live in the centre of Bangkok. Chanya grew up close to the city centre for most of her early life and as the city grew bigger, she found herself moving further out of the city for a number of reasons. We both have very similar reasons for not wanting to live in the city centre and here we explain why.

Central Salaya
เซ็นทรัล ศาลายา

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