First stop Thai Watsadu and then off to the Rich Cafe for lunch

There’s a lot of talk around town about Thailand opening up to tourists right now but I’m more concerned whether they will have restrictions on restaurants and dining-in come October. The current talk suggests that they will impose restrictions for dine-in service to people with vaccine certificates. We won’t have our certificate until mid-October but there is not much we can do about that. For now, we’ll make hay while the sun shines so for September, our Wednesday lunches are back on the cards. The trip to Thai Watsadu was a little disappointing as I’ve made some design work on my kitchen fit-out based on a product line from the Thai Watsadu website. The visit today dashed hopes on using pre-built fittings because the product line I chose has been discontinued which means it’s back to the drawing board and starting again. Why these corporate websites aren’t kept up to date is beyond my comprehension, but as we say “This is Thailand!”

The Rich Cafe’ at Salaya
เดอะริช คาเฟ่ ศาลายา

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