First stop the DLT then we have Airplane food

I am given to wonder if foreigners living in Thailand have access to the Department of Land Transport application. It’s the first time I’ve seen it and it does seem like they schedule appointments with it. Chanya was in and out within 10 minutes today for her license renewal which was surprising. One thing to remember when you do your renewal, make sure you wear appropriate clothing. Anyway, after that quick visit, we drop back home so Chanya can get changed into something pretty and then we head out to lunch. As we were visiting something out of the ordinary today, we ask Chanya’s mom if she would like to come along with us. Of course, Thai’s rarely say no to food, so we all head west to the Niagara N garden aeroplane themed restaurant. My biggest concern here was whether they serve real food or just the crap you get when flying economy class! To my surprise, the food was great although they did seem to have some problem with getting it all to our table in a timely fashion. If you are out in Nakhon Pathom, I would recommend dropping in for a bite to eat or simply take a look around at all the aircraft memorabilia.

Niagara N garden

DLT Office Bangkok area 2

DLT Office Sam Phran

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