The haircut video with the full long play ride (LP)

There are many more of the Long Play ride versions I have shot over the last few years, but I have left them unlisted as they were only meant for a few of our channel followers. The full playlist can be found here ( Now that I feel the video and audio quality has been substantially improved with the addition of new equipment, I’m leaving this video public to share with the wider audience as many people don’t read the video descriptions and have asked me where to find the long play ride videos. The main idea behind these videos is to share the real-life experience of riding motorcycles here in Thailand around the Bangkok region. You will always see the odd crazy driver or rider on the roads, but any experienced rider needn’t fear riding in Thailand. Most of the road toll issues surrounding fatalities are due to carelessness and a lack of common sense. I’ve had many years of experience with riding and I’ve ridden here in Thailand for 5 years with no issues whatsoever. There is a media agenda to publicize dangerous riding conditions and high road toll accident numbers, but the reality is far from what the media would have you believe. Our channel members and Patreons will always be notified of these long play ride experience videos, but if you subscribe to our website newsletter or push notifications or join our Discord community, you will also be notified when these videos are made and released. The playlist is public but we will keep these long play videos unlisted because we feel the majority of our followers prefer the condensed versions of the ride videos.

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