It’s time to get a water filter

It hasn’t been practical for us to buy a water filtration system while we rented our house but now that we own our place, it makes economical sense to install a filter system. It costs us around 7,000 baht each year for our drinking water, so I’m setting that as my budget for the unit which means I break even in the first year. Of course, the price for replacement filters needs to be considered as well as that can be a real trap too. After a bit of searching around, we settle on one unit and we’re told it will be installed next Sunday which is good.
As for our lunch data today, Chanya found another sweet location on her Facebook feed but when we got there, we were told it was closed. I’m still not sure what happened there but I casually mentioned YouTube in the conversation with the owner and the next thing we know was they were taking our lunch order. Thailand sure doesn’t make sense sometimes!

Gin Lom and see the canals at Kieng Nam Sampran
กินลม ชมคลอง at เคียงน้ำ สามพราน

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