Chanya gets her new MG5 X / Thai’s and lucky numbers / What’s with these red number plates!

So, we had the car show where you first saw the MG5 X and Chanya really liked that car. I took it for a test drive last Monday to really get a feel for it as there is a fair bit of “Internet Negativity” around the MG Brand. Today we take a long drive out to the showroom to finalize the deal. Some people might ask why we picked that dealership – basically, these are the people who were at the Expo and over the last week they have been right on the ball with questions and help. They also threw in a bunch of extras like the sports fairings, tinted windows, first-class insurance and other stuff as part of the package where other local dealers weren’t so generous. As for the lucky numbers, well, we were under time constraints to get out there so that she could drive it out of the showroom when the time matched her lucky numbers. I’m sure this only ever happens in Thailand!

MG Rungcharoen Co. Ltd at Lat Krabang
MG บริษัทเอ็มจี รุ่งเจริญจำกัด ลาดกระบัง

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