Thai people love Karaoke | It’s moms birthday | Go deaf by Karaoke!

Thai’s aren’t big of Christmas but they do love a chance to celebrate and birthdays are a big celebration event. Chanya’s mom is also a great fan of Karaoke and she’s always wanted a Karaoke machine to take to parties. Alas, these gizmos are usually outside their budget which is why Karaoke restaurants are quite popular in Thailand. As it is mom’s birthday today, we thought we should surprise her with her own Karaoke machine which she can take to parties and up to Sukhothai when she visits the farm. We battled our way through the traffic today to get to The Mall Bang Khae in the new car and stopped in for a bite to eat before checking out the range of Karaoke machines in the Power Mall. Thai’s really love their Karaoke but I think it is more the point that they love loud music and hearing their voice at 120 decibels! These systems are damn loud that is a guarantee! We finish the night at a local Thai BBQ place as it was also Chanya’s dads birthday last week and he loves Mu Kratha!

The Mall Bangkae
เดอะมอลล์ บางแค

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