Long distance transgender relationships

Let’s just get one thing out in the open and that is if you are in a relationship that requires you to send someone money, this is not a relationship, this is a business transaction. It happens far too often and still to this day I am surprised at how many men fall for the “sick cow” routine. This is not to say that you might like to rent a property in her name, or lease a car in her name which will make your stay in Thailand more convenient. These are the sort of things that have been thought through which are mutually convenient for both people in a relationship.

I think the biggest problem men have when they choose a ladyboy as their partner, it is the negativity they encounter from their long term friends who feel they need to “save” them form a bad decision. If you choose the right ladyboy girlfriend, there is no saving needed and those “friends” are really only concerned about their own self-image issues which you are threatening. These people are not your friends so keep doing what you’re doing and your real friends will stick with you on your new journey.

The Mall Bangkae

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