Thai colours of the week

One of the most interesting cultural anomalies in Thai culture is the idea that wearing different coloured clothes can be good or unlucky for you. Although Wednesdays are good for wearing Green, she wanted to know why I wouldn’t wear Pink so that we could be matching. Well, what can I say! Boys just don’t wear pink darling! Hahaha! But it is interesting to know that colour does play a significant role in Thai life so I thought it would be a good idea to cover this today.

Sunday Colour – Red (Unlucky colour – Blue)
Monday Colour – Yellow or Cream (Unlucky colour – Red)
Tuesday Colour – Pink (Unlucky colour – Yellow or White)
Wednesday Colour – Green (Unlucky colour – Red)
Wednesday Night Colour – Grey (Unlucky colour – Orange Red)
Thursday Colour – Orange or Brown (Unlucky colour – Purple)
Friday Colour – Light Blue (Unlucky colour – Dark Blue or Black)
Saturday Colour – Purple or Black (Unlucky colour – Green)

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