Thailand International Motor Expo 2021

Today we’re back at the International Motor Expo 2021 in Bangkok checking out the red cars. Why red? Well, the red ones go faster of course! But in all seriousness, Chanya does feel that it is time to get a new car so we take a look at what is on offer this year. I’ve been looking at the MG range over the last 12 months and although there are some dreadful stories about long delays of in-warranty repairs, the general consensus is that they are good value for money and seem to be coming in at a good price point for all the extras that come in as standard. Of course, Chanya still has her heart set on the Honda Civic, but at 1m+ on the price tag, I feel that it is out of her reach on a financing deal.

IMPACT Challenger
อิมแพ็ค ชาเลนเจอร์

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