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Bangkok can be a confusing place for many visitors but there are people here that can help you survive the challenges and make you feel like one of the family. My good friend Jerry runs the “Friends Fun Bangkok” meetup group ( which is free to join and they meet every Friday. It is a great place to meet other ex-pats and visitors and there is a wealth of knowledge within the group that should be able to help you navigate the weirdness of the city that never sleeps.
Of course, we also have Suzy from “The Down Under Bar” on Sukumvit Soi 7/1 who owns the bar and has an Australian themed bar which is how I found the place. Ever since my first visit here 3 years ago, I’ve always been made to feel like part of the family here and she has taken care of us and our friends like no other bar in Bangkok. Just remember, if you do pop in for a chat or a beverage, just let Suzy know that you saw her here on this channel and she will do her best to make you feel like one of the family.

Friends Fun Bangkok (FFB)

Down Under Bar & Grill

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