The Real side of Beauty

Chanya picked NiYom Zabb for our seafood lunch today, even though we’re nowhere near the sea but I did enjoy the deep-fried snapper. I wasn’t impressed about how long it took to actually get the food to our table though. They did apologise for the delays sighting a large internet order they were preparing. In my book, you serve the customers at your tables over those people ordering online but as we say, This is Thailand!

After that, we dropped into Lotus Salaya to get Chanya’s beauty supplies while she gives a few anecdotes about the cost of beauty. While there, I give a few ideas about some upcoming videos as this is now getting to the busy season here in Thailand even without the influx of tourists.

NiYom Zabb
นิยมแซ่บ ณ ศาลายา

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