The impersonators – February 2019 ongoing

Ok, so what we have been seeing on our collective channels over the last few weeks is one person, or it could be a group of people out on some misguided vendetta. When I first saw this impersonation attack, I filed a take-down as per YouTube guidelines, and YouTube screwed up and took my channel down too. The legitimate way to remove these impersonators doesn’t work, so we are forced to go back to simply blocking these asshats. of course, I will be cataloguing their account ID’s here on this page for future reference and using this in my crusade with YouTube to fix their broken shit. While there is a process where anyone can be totally anonymous on the YouTube platform, there will always be an element of trolling simply because the world is full of assholes with some rod shoved up their ass.

The best thing about these idiots is each troll account they make counts as a view on our video which is still good for us. They are so dumb that they haven’t realized that opening the video to make a comment is why YouTube doesn’t do anything to stop the problem. One day, when they get a brain, they will realize the best way to hurt the channel is to stop watching the videos and making comments.

Anyway, we mute them quicker than they can create accounts – lol

The Account ID’s

And it continues…..

Now that the usual channel names have been exhausted, they start on other less popular names. It’s a joke really. One click and they are gone – hahahaha



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