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Pizza night at Big-C Phetkasem

We had a good downpour of rain today and the following overcast conditions which cooled the place down, but those things keep the clients away from getting their hair styled. Things were slow towards the late part of the afternoon so she called me and said she was closing early …

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    Wazza’s live chat Q&A (1st April – 12:30pm)

    In today’s livestream I open up with the topic of alternate destinations for retirement other than Thailand. Of course, keeping a topic going with the audience takes a bit of worn, but ultimately, we’re just here to have fun and chat amongst ourselves. I’m sure as I do more of …

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      Harley Davidson test rides at the RideHub

      Today was a great day! I got to ride the Harley Davidson Fat Boy 114 and the Fad Bob 107. The Fat Boy was an interesting bike in that it seemed to want to stand up automatically after cornering. It was like there was a gyro stabilizer built into the …

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