Sunday , 26 January 2020

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What is the 90-Day Report Check-In?

Alas, Chanya had to use her day off to run around and get supplies so I’ve done the immigration run alone today. Not to worry, I’m sure we’ll have Chanya in the next video – lol It is that time again when I need to let Thailand Immigration know where I am staying. This is just part of the system …

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    Wazza’s live chat Q&A (March 20 – 9pm)

    I’ve run a few gaming session livestreams but finally got around to setting up my Streamlabs OBS for running a conventional Q&A for closer audience participation. All up, I was pleased with the format and the feedback from the viewer, so now all I need to do now is work out the best times to run the sessions. I still …

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      Ride out to Sisawat, Kanchanaburi

      Sinakharin Lake was formed when Thailand dammed the Khwae Yai River in Si Sawat District of Kanchanaburi Province. Our ride today takes us along the eastern side of Sinakharin Lake and up to the ferry at Si Sawat. Today’s ride was quite a long one and I think the longest ride I’ve done since I got the bike. Given all …

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