Thursday , 20 September 2018

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Dentist again then off for a Massage (ทันตแพทย์อีกครั้งแล้วนวด)

Wednesday and back to the Dentist to start work on the bottom row of teeth. Over the last few days, I’ve felt the previous work done settle down into a comfortable bite and haven’t had any problems. Today’s visit was relatively uneventful except that the specialist had to administer an extra dosage of the nerve suppressant so that I wasn’t …

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Hanging out at the Dentist again (แขวนอยู่ที่ทันตแพทย์อีกครั้ง)

It’s Friday and I’m back to the Dentist again to have the ceramic express crowns fitted. All the girls are getting to know me now and it looks like they want to be movie stars on my video now. I do find it highly amusing. We were planning to start the next procedure on the bottom teeth, but the specialist …

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TalkBack Thailand * #Livestream * (Bangkok, Pattaya) with Kev-in-Thailand and Thailand Unplugged

Hi and welcome to our TalkBack Thailand live stream today. If you’ve just stumbled upon the stream, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to get notified when we run these spots. We are planning to run these events regularly and you will have your chance to ask questions from the group and we’ll do our best to answer those …

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