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Tech Gadgets in Thailand: What You Need to Know

This comprehensive guide explores the world of tech shopping in Thailand, the USA, and Australia. Discover the differences in availability, pricing, and potential pitfalls when buying electronics in these three countries. Whether you’re a traveller, expat, or simply curious about tech shopping worldwide, this video has valuable insights and practical …

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Celebrating Love and Understanding: My Journey being with a Trans Girl

In a world filled with misconceptions and trolls, join us for a heartwarming journey celebrating love, acceptance, and embracing diversity. We’ll share personal stories, humor, and the power of understanding that’s made our relationship thrive. In the face of negativity, we stand firm, knowing that there are far more pressing …

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Chanya buys a new phone

Join Chanya on an exciting shopping adventure as she embarks on a mission to replace her beloved Android phone! After experiencing a series of repairs and a heartbreaking drop, it’s time for an upgrade. Chanya recently got herself an iPhone 13 and maintained a second Android phone for her salon. …

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