Saturday , 25 May 2019

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Thailand National Aviation Museum

We headed off to the Aviation Museum after my 90-day visa check-in and was pleasantly surprised with the visit and not only that, it was free! The museum was established in 1952 to collect, preserve and restore different aeroplanes and other aviation equipment used by the Royal Thai Air Force. In addition to one F11C and other rare aircraft, the …

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    My 3rd 90-day Visa Check-in

    Once again it is time to register my current address with Thai Immigration for my 90-day visa check. Thailand Immigration office map reference

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      Loi Angkarn for Chanya’s Grandmother

      Loi Angkarn is the ceremony many Buddhist perform for loved ones after cremation. In today’s video, we take a drive down to the mouth of the Tha Chin River to pay respect for the passing of Chanya’s Grandmother. Traditionally, in Thailand, when a Buddhist dies, their body is cremated and then the bones and ashes are collected and are either …

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