Wednesday , 21 August 2019

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Friday night and time for Steak

Well, it’s Friday night again so time to go eat Steak and pick up a few things from our local street stalls. Mike’s Paradise Of Food & Travel:

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    Dinner at Paepohkaew Floating Restaurant

    Tonight we take a drive west to the Paepohkaew Floating Restaurant which is one of our favourite places to eat and spend some time with family and relatives. I’ve also cracked the 100 subs mark since starting the vlog 🙂 แพโพธิ์แก้ว PAEPOHKAEW The Floating Restaurant

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      Ride to Phutthamonthon

      Now that we’re all set for riding, we take our first run out to Phutthamonthon, which is only 20 minutes ride from where we live. Phutthamonthon พุทธมณฑล

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