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Vlog 164 – Mother’s birthday and Christmas tidings

Well, today is mother’s birthday and we didn’t go to a karaoke restaurant this time so I haven’t embarrassed myself trying to sing Thai folk songs – lol Anyway, being Christmas time, we wish you a joyful holiday and hope all your dreams come true. The Im Pla Phao restaurant location Post Views: 499

Vlog 163 – Another 90-day check-in

Well, we’re back at the Bangkok Immigration office for another 90-day check-in. I didn’t realize that it was a public holiday yesterday so the queue was already 160 deep when I got there at 10 am. I really do need to aim for that 9 am opening time to minimize the wait here. As I […]

Vlog 162 – Daily life and social media connections

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done a trip back to Dalat World Market, so we pop back, have some dinner there and I chat about social media and a few other random thoughts. Dalat World Market Post Views: 485

Vlog 161 – We check out the Bangmod Festival

I caught an ad on Twitter advertising the Bangmod Festival which sounded interesting, so we took a drive into the inner suburbs to go check it out. The festival only runs for 2 days, so you won’t get a chance to see it this year. It is one of the many local community festivals that […]

Vlog 160 – Back to the Motor Expo to buy a Honda Civic

So after a week of family discussions, we head back to the Motor Expo and make application for Chanya’s new Honda Civic. Of course, I still have plans to get a new road bike but for now, we’ll just focus our plans on the new car. I am surprised at how simple the process is […]

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