Saturday , 29 February 2020

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A Family dinner for my Birthday

This restaurant specializes in Isan style food and I chose to come here because all the girls in our family love their Isan food. I actually felt the large party at the Rome restaurant became segregated between the Thai and my farang guests and there was no mixing between the 2 groups. Although it was a good party, I felt …

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    Wednesday Ride west for Lunch

    Today we take a short ride out to a riverside restaurant with an interesting recent history. In the closing months of 2017, there was a mishap on the river with a rice barge and a bridge. You can check out the video footage here is you like Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident and apparently, the driver of …

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      Yeah, Wazza’s playing games again! – Conan Exiles

      So this is now the first real run with the whole gaming livestream. Again, I have Psych on the game and on voice from Alaska and we are broadcasting through the YouTube Gaming platform. I also set up the scheduling part to notify our subscribers about the broadcast and that part worked as expected as well. By all means, check …

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